Monday, May 21, 2018

Modern Privacy Fence Installation

Brian and I tend to lean more towards modern design around the home and the exterior is no different. We knew we wanted a modern privacy fence but were also aware of the added cost of going modern over traditional when considering a professional install. Being on a rather tight budget we decided to call around and received quotes from two local companies for traditional fences. Each quote given was for removal of the original open post fence and the install of an updated dog-ear pine privacy fence. 

Quote 1: $4934 ($2467 deposit + $2467 at completion)
Quote 2: $4440 ($2440 deposit + $2000 at completion)

We were a little shocked at the cost of each. Knowing the low cost of materials from our frequent trips to Lowe's, we were discouraged at the thought of going the professional route especially since it was not the look we had in mind. After a little more research and investigating the ease of removing our old fencing ourselves, we found that we could cut costs and deliver the look we really wanted for a fraction of the price of the professionals. Neither Brian nor myself are afraid to get our hands dirty and tackle projects on our own so the decision made ended up being rather easy. 

We decided on a modern horizontal slat fence made with pressure treated boards and posts. We already had rough measurements of the yard from the quotes we initially received which made our work a little easier. 

$45- (10 bags) Crushed drainage stone
$45- (10 bags) 50lb Quick Set Concrete
$180- (19) 4"x4"X8' Pressure treated posts
$320- (200) 5/8"x 5.5"x6' Pressure treated 
$25- 14" Post Hole Digger

Materials Total: $615
(+ $75 Delivery fee and $55 Tax)

The first step was the removal of the old posts which was easier than we originally thought as they did not have a poured concrete base. Several of them required little digging and even I could pull them from the ground. Once the old posts were out we re-measured the lot and corners before marking where the new posts would be placed. 

Once all of the post were marked, it was time to dig. I left this job to Brian as it was a little more strenuous and even he had some difficulty thanks to the giant maple tree whose roots are sprawled beneath our yard. A layer of crushed drainage stone was poured before placing the posts and pouring in the concrete. We let it set for roughly 24hrs before filling the holes back in with dirt. 

When it came time to add the panels we started at the most level point of the yard to ensure the boards were placed exactly where we wanted them. Using an extra board for guidance, a roughly 5/8" gap was made between all of the boards allowing filtered light and privacy. Towards the back and again towards the garage we have a mild slope and in order to accommodate, the back panels were stepped.

A little blood and sweat later and we could not be happier with how the fence has turned out! 

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