Wednesday, June 28, 2017

There's a new boss in town

As a mom of four, finding just the right diaper bag to fit my needs can be tough. Bags are either too big, too small or are difficult to organize.  A few weeks ago, Itzy Ritzy was so kind to send me one of their newly launched Boss Diaper Bags. I am here to tell you that this bag has gone above and beyond my expectations!

I am going to lay it all out for you.

I am loving everything about this mixed material black herringbone and leather. It's simple, modern and something my husband doesn't mind carrying around. Not to mention it wipes down with ease. This is especially important when toting around all of those cups, bottles and snacks that come with leaving the house with four kids. There are bound to be some spills! The exterior boasts seven pockets for all of your quick storage needs and the addition of a tassle clip that I love to hang my keys on when I am on-the-go. Not a fan of all black? The Boss Diaper Bag Backpack also comes in a gorgeous Posy Pop and Coffee & Cream!

As for the inside, just check out these pockets! There are ten of them. That's right! TEN! If you are keeping count this brings your running total to seventeen pockets! No more struggling to find a place to store something. There is literally a place for everything. The pockets are deep enough to hold your diapers, wipes, wallet, sunglasses, but not so deep that things start to disappear. (I'm talking about you random missing hair ties!)

What's a diaper bag without a change pad? This adorable change pad is included with every bag. Yes, I did just call a change pad adorable. Seriously, look how cute this is! Okay, so the fresh baby toes might have something to do with it but the appliqué of "head" on the top and "toes" on the bottom was such a cute addition to this piece.

When it comes to carrying a diaper bag, versatility it is a must in my book and the Boss Bag has got it. No one likes a bag that is constantly sliding off of your shoulder. This is my first backpack diaper bag and I don't think I will ever go back! I love that the Boss Diaper Bag can be worn as a backpack or hung on the stroller for easy access with the included stroller clips. Of course, it can also be stored beneath the stroller as well but then how are you going to show off your amazing new bag?!
 So, have I convinced you yet that you NEED one of these bags?! 

The Itzy Ritzy Boss Diaper Bag Backpack retails for $150
You can shop this amazing bag here, here and (my favorite) here!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Keeping Up

Sweet baby snuggles and sweaty post nap curls. Just of a few of my favorite things about raising four little girls. These last few months have been flying by and I am trying to enjoy every "last baby" moment Evelyn has to give. Every morning she wakes up a day older and a day closer to the toddler years and she seems more interested in keeping up with her big sisters, climbing anything and everything, and growing her vocabulary. 

Oh how I wish I could keep her this small forever.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Bucket List

Happy first official day of summer!

Summer is one of my favorites seasons (second to fall of course)! Summertime is filled with trips to the lake, ice cream trucks, walks to the library and of course no school! It was so much fun talking about all things summer with the girls and asking them to list all of the activities they were excited to do before school starts up again in September. With all of the humidity and predicted rain for the coming weeks it will be pretty interesting with all four girls at home but we are more than excited to start checking off this list!

What's on your summer bucket list?!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Puddle Jumpers

Our girls love a good puddle. Dresses, fancy shoes, parking lot puddle... Of course they will find it. With weeks of rain behind us (and several more in front of us) these little puddle jumpers have been craving a good splash. The rain and thunder finally let up today and I am pretty sure their dreams of epic puddle jumping have finally come true.

How did you make a splash this week?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Operation: Entryway Facelift

Our small apartment entryway has felt pretty drab since we moved in nearly three years ago. We were renting and planned on that being short term while we were on the hunt for a house. Well, it has turned into quite the "temporary" stay.

The narrow second story hall is all of 12 sq ft. with white walls, dark wood trim/door, and the ugliest of brown/orange carpets. Two dark rectangular mirrors flanked the hall and each carried two hooks for coats/keys.

Over the weekend I decided it was time for a much needed facelift. Of course this facelift needed to keep a few things in mind:

- SMALL budget (under $100)
- No new paint
- No new flooring
- No fixing/replacing trim
- No new lighting

It was going to be no easy task but of course Target and Lowes came to the rescue!

Shopping List:
- New round mirror
- Doormat
- Greenery (low light tolerant)
- Decorative pot

My total came in at roughly $75! The look is pretty minimalist and clean, which I love. The space feels so much brighter and more open without the old rectangular mirrors. A little greenery was the perfect finishing touch. It is definitely so much more fresh and inviting.

Check it out for yourself!

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