Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Music to my ears

Music is such a big part of my husband's life. Play a tune and I'll bet my morning coffee that he can tell you who sings it. Yeah, he's that impressive. He has so many stories that involve artists, songs, and concerts. I love to hear about the festivals he's attended and he frequently surprises me with who he has had the opportunity to see live. Several of our early dates were even spent traveling to see shows together.

It is no wonder that our girls have the same fondness for tunes. It is important to us to share the music culture with them and as of late, a crowd favorite has been our post nap time vinyl sessions. I let the girls pick out any album to listen to. Sometimes they get up and dance while other times they sit quietly, just listening.

Not to brag or anything but 3/4 of our girls know how to change out a record and I am sure that by 18 months old Ev will be doing the same. It's just in their blood.

This is a tradition that I look forward to continuing as they get older. Helping them to grow their own collections and passing down some of their favorites.

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