Thursday, May 18, 2017

beat the heat

I love a good smoothie. They probably make my TOP 5 dessert list. Seriously!

A healthy, simple and minimal clean-up treat is a solid win in my book. I thought I would share with you a fun summer favorite of mine and the girls that helps to beat the summertime heat!


3C- Frozen Fruit (mango, strawberry and blueberry)
5C- Unsweetend Almond Milk
1T- Agave

3tsp- Chia (optional)

- Add frozen fruit to blender
- Pour in almond milk
- Add 1T agave
- Blend until it reaches desired consistency. For a thicker     smoothie or smoothie bowl add less almond milk.
- Pour into your favorite cups and voila!

Simple, right?!

It's totally optional but the girls and I love to add a teaspoon of chia seed to the tops of our smoothies as garnish. It's seriously sooo good!

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