Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fun With Foodstirs!

Brian and I frequently joke that between the two of us, if all else fails, we will never go hungry. Every chance we get we are trying new recipes and have passed on that love of food and cooking to our girls. Whether it's trying to make their own lunches, cutting up veggies for dinner or baking dessert they are all hands on deck.

I frequently find the younger girls grabbing and mixing ingredients into inedible concoctions in attempts to make new "delicious" recipes. Their need to explore with foods can be trying at times and a bit messy to say the least. On more than one occasion several meals could have been labeled as "Death by Salt" thanks to our little helpers.

I find myself looking for fun ways to keep them involved without discouraging this curiosity. If a product can simplify prep and baking while encouraging fun I am all for it. Foodstirs kits do just that. Almost all of the ingredients were provided for us and those that were still needed were ones that can almost always be found in our house already (eggs, butter).

I enjoyed being able to take a step back and let them take the lead, aside from helping to read the directions for the younger girls and handling the oven. They enjoyed being able to do so much on their own and were so proud of the finished product.

Bonus: There was minimal clean up for me and I was able to eat a cookie or two.

This post is sponsored by Foodstirs.

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