Friday, March 31, 2017

Awww nuts!

We have entered into the ever growing world of food allergies.

At four years old, our now nine year old, Olivia complained of a tingle in her throat after eating pistachios. Nothing further came of it that evening and we notified her pediatrician at the next appointment. There was no concern on their end, in fact he laughed it off as parental paranoia. Brian and I decided on our own that it might be best to have her avoid that food in the future as a precaution.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I shared a smoothie with her. Yeah, a smoothie. She got really red in the face and immediately complained of tingling in her mouth and throat. I checked the list of ingredients and the only think that made sense for a reaction was the cashews, even though she has eaten them before. Thankfully, we had benadryl on hand and gave it to her right away. Within twenty minutes she was fine and fell asleep on our couch. Again, she had a doctor appointment a couple of days later so I decide to bring it up then. New practice, new doctor. They agreed that it sounded like an allergy and sent a referral to get her tested.

Wednesday it was confirmed without a doubt. Our sweet kid has a tree nut allergy, specifically hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews, and would need to carry an epi-pen.

Food allergies are a whole new concept in our house and it will definitely take some getting used to when it comes to identifying foods that we can no longer purchase. It will be a whole house effort and a lot of stress to make sure she stays healthy and safe. The fact that something like this was undetected for this long is the scariest part.

Although I am filled with so much relief that this was caught, I have so much mama guilt for not advocating harder for her when she first reacted several years ago.


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