Friday, March 31, 2017

Awww nuts!

We have entered into the ever growing world of food allergies.

At four years old, our now nine year old, Olivia complained of a tingle in her throat after eating pistachios. Nothing further came of it that evening and we notified her pediatrician at the next appointment. There was no concern on their end, in fact he laughed it off as parental paranoia. Brian and I decided on our own that it might be best to have her avoid that food in the future as a precaution.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I shared a smoothie with her. Yeah, a smoothie. She got really red in the face and immediately complained of tingling in her mouth and throat. I checked the list of ingredients and the only think that made sense for a reaction was the cashews, even though she has eaten them before. Thankfully, we had benadryl on hand and gave it to her right away. Within twenty minutes she was fine and fell asleep on our couch. Again, she had a doctor appointment a couple of days later so I decide to bring it up then. New practice, new doctor. They agreed that it sounded like an allergy and sent a referral to get her tested.

Wednesday it was confirmed without a doubt. Our sweet kid has a tree nut allergy, specifically hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews, and would need to carry an epi-pen.

Food allergies are a whole new concept in our house and it will definitely take some getting used to when it comes to identifying foods that we can no longer purchase. It will be a whole house effort and a lot of stress to make sure she stays healthy and safe. The fact that something like this was undetected for this long is the scariest part.

Although I am filled with so much relief that this was caught, I have so much mama guilt for not advocating harder for her when she first reacted several years ago.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Waffle Day

International Waffle Day. It is probably one of the better non-holiday, holidays on the calendar. Seeing that breakfast is the one meal a day that we can guarantee our kids will completely clear their plates, I knew we would need to celebrate. We got up and were out the door way earlier than I ever would have liked to and headed to our favorite breakfast spot in the Capital Region, the Iron Roost. With enough food to feed a family of six and coffee included we shared two of the brunch entrees. It was really a no brainer.

The twenty minute wait didn't seem to bother anyone and although our coffee was a part of the entree they let us grab it ahead of time... thank God! I love the full chalkboard wall menu and brick features throughout. It has such a cute dining atmosphere and the service is always fantastic.

Getting such an early start to our day proved itself to be great for us and the kids. We were able to run several errands after breakfast with zero tantrums. This was a monumental feat for sure.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mr. Bunny

Second to playing Santa, I love being able to play Easter Bunny! The girls have lovingly begun calling him Mr. Bunny, I think because to them "Easter" sounds a lot like "Mister". Whatever the reason, it makes this holiday all the more fun. They get so giddy when talking about him and what they might find Easter morning and it is so much fun to curate little spring baskets tailored to their individual interests.

When picking out goodies I like to look for things that can be used all season long, not just the typical Easter novelty items. I will also add some smaller trinkets and maybe one big ticket item and the baskets are ready for the Easter morning hunt.

Here is the roundup for all of the fun things I am thinking about putting into the girls' baskets this year!

Some other great items to include are bubbles, play doh, snacks, wooden teethers, bath toys, toy cars, beach or garden toys and nail polish. 

What are you putting in your little one's basket this year?

Monday, March 20, 2017

All Things Spring

Spring is finally here!

If you live in a state with a more temperate of a climate you have probably already been enjoying spring for a couple of weeks now but not us east coasters. I won't hold my breath for the effects of winter to fully wear off though because Mother Nature has proven that more snow, even into the month of May, is NOT impossible. In fact it's more than likely that we will get a few more inches before summer hits. For now, I will forget about the snow outside and enjoy my iced coffee, the warm sunshine coming through the window and this fresh bouquet of tulips. Nothing says spring like tulips. Am I right?!

With the start of spring I am officially starting all of my garden planning, and pinning fun spring activities for the girls and I. Easter is also just around the corner so look for a roundup of some of my favorite Easter basket goodies later this week!

Oh, and Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow Day, Slow Day

One of the many things I love about being able to stay home with the girls is the ability to enjoy my mornings. Barring an early appointment there is no where that I need to be. You see, a morning person I am not so it is a huge blessing to not have to get up, get ready and rush out of the door every day. 

We have been pounded with snow the past twenty-four hours, school has once again been cancelled and the kids are happy and well in the next room, watching Moana for the millionth time. I plan to bunker in and slow this morning way down starting with coffee in bed, a leftover strawberry hand pie (because, why not?!) and a good book. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Liv Turns Nine

Where did the time go and how do we make it stop? I need her to pause. I don't know that I am ready for my first baby to grow up and yet every day she proves to me that she is beyond ready to face the world ahead. I couldn't be more proud to be her mother and watch her change the world with her intelligence, kind heart and wisdom far beyond her years. 

We spent the past weekend celebrating our superstar of a daughter and the celebrations are not showing any signs of stopping. Each year she sets the record for the longest celebrated birthday and it's rightfully so with how amazing she is. 

I decided to away from the traditional party for her this year and the mama guilt was strong. We ended up hosting a couple of friends for a slumber party instead. While simple, it was so nice to not have to plan and buy a million and one things this year. 

After all, next year is the big 10 so you know we will be doing it big!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Baby Steps

Man, did February fly by or what?!

I can not believe that it is already March. Sooo many big things are happening in the coming months and I am not so patiently waiting to share all of those things with you. For now I will share that I plan to give myself new goals to accomplish each month. It feels so good to check things off and only having 30ish days to do it really kicks my butt into gear. I had big goals at the beginning of 2017 and I am on my way to accomplishing them but they can only be accomplished if I work at it day by day. So here they are... March Goals:

- Eat Healthier/// This isn't just a goodbye to sweets but a goal to eat real meals and not                                          toddler scraps haha
- Drink more H2O/// Let's be honest... we could all stand to drink more water
- Kick Ass at my job/// For those of you who don't know, I am one of the content creators at                                            Itzy Ritzy (Check out their IG here)!
- Read a good book
- Take up a "new" hobby/// I have studied photography in the past including several classes                                                      at the collegiate level. I really want to work on my skills and                                                              become more comfortable behind the camera to deliver high                                                          quality images. 

That's it. I know what you are thinking... "That's it?" but seriously, baby steps. 

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